Best Selling Games Amazon

Best selling Games Amazon

Hello , I have made a list of top Best Selling games available on Amazon. I am able to curate these games from various sources available on the internet and reviews from the websites.

All these games are mostly on PS4 platform and only 2-3 are on Nintendo Switch.

I hope you will find the game you are looking for and if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

Red Dead Redemption 2

10/10 IGN Entertainment | 97% Metacritic | 5/5 Game Rant

RDR 2 has sold over 23 millions copies and still going on. This open world Rockstar game is a haven for gamers who fantasize open world. In RDR2 you cannot even imagine how much control you have and how much randomness it provides in the virtual environment.

It is summed up by many gamers as a different game for each one as the story proceeds as you play it and as you want it.

Available on both PS4 and XBOX ONE platforms at

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Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

8.5/10 | 4.5/5 Game Rant

This classic series shooting game has acquired a lot of praise from the gamers. This game has been filled in with the most interesting terrains and also multiplayer mode has been given to enjoy the game to the fullest with your mates.

There is no classic campaign in Black Ops 4. Although this might seem a bit odd at first it goes in well once you start delving deeper into the game.

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NBA 2k19

Fairly improved version over 2k18. NBA 2k19 has definitely improved on its motion framing and ball physics. Rebounding and weight have now more genuine feel. Now, the more heavier and taller the player is the more he can push the other player and has an added advantage. Same with the rebound, in 2k18 the rebound seemed to be animated and random while now it is more accurate.

Here check out the awesome trailer for NBA 2k19

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Madden NFL 2019

8.9/10 | 8/10 on Gamespot.

Madden NFL has kept its focus on the same thing which it repeats every year the momentous gameplay. While upgraded motion graphics and more intimate franchise experience are to be said the keypoint of 2019 version of the NFL .

It is interesting that Madden NFL has instated Real Player Motion which allows more control in game changing situations. Also EA now supports customization options which allows you to create your own draft classes.

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Far Cry 5

8.9/10 | 89% on Metacritic

This open world game has evolved so much and the 5th instalment of this series has to offer a lot of exciting open world missions and gameplay. Not comparing with Assasins Creed Origin … Far cry 5 is a decent game for new players who are trying to establish themselves as an open-world Gamer.

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God Of War 2018

10/10 Polygon | 10/10 | 4.5/5 on Trusted Reviews

These excellent scores on different gaming benchmarking site can already give you the idea of how popular this game has become because of its exceptional gameplay and graphics. This is what is said by experts on about this game.

In the early hours, God of War feels, if not like a follow-up to the original game, then a creative revamping. As the 2005 God of War took the individual great combat ideas from its time and blended them together, so does the new God of War for a new era. But the game doesn’t set into any style for too long. Without warning, the linear adventure focused on fights and dramatic showdowns, bursts wide open, and the preset paths of past entries give way to a new, grand hub, its spokes taking the crew far beyond Midgard. ” — source

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Monster Hunt: World

90% Metacritic | 9.5/10

Monster Hunt on PS4 is now much bigger, better and smoother. The most audacious installement of the game has now arrived on PS4 keeping its souls intact and the old school spirit still alive.

 The hunts are long and secondary quests or activities, like collecting the pieces to craft armors and weapons, could take months. The monsters are now moved by the most complex and smooth animations we’ve ever seen in a videogame, but maps are not so big and interactive. 

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Grand Theft Auto 5

97% Metacritic | 10/10 | 5/5 games Radar

The sprawling sun-soaked metropolis of Los Santos is chock full of self-help coaches, starlets and C-List celebrities, once on top of the media world, now struggling to stay relevant in the time of economic malaise and lowest-common-denominator reality TV. Amidst this madness, three unique criminals plan their own chances of survival and success: Franklin, a street-level hustler in search of opportunities for serious money; Michael, an ex-con whose “retirement” is a less rosy than he hoped it would be; and Trevor, a violent dude driven by the chance for a quick high and the next big score. Nearly out of options, the crew risks it all in a series of daring and dangerous heists that could set them up for life – one way or the other.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man

9/10 Digital Trends | 8.7/10 | 87% Metacritic

Praise all over the internet for this coming of the age-old school game. Not leaving its old spirit and an amalgamation of the fresh and exciting technology the game has been a hit among gamers. The game boasts of a strong story with highly detailed and guided characters. Along with that lots of combat options and fresh moves added. Swings and stretches feel great with improved motion graphics.

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Here are some other games which have been listed on various sites as the top games for 2019 . So I thought to just give you a list and if you are interested then you can catch on the links and know more about it.

Note: These are Amazon affliate links which will direct you towards Amazon. If you like you can read reviews and ratings on Amazon before buying any game.

List of games to check

  1. FIFA 19
  2. Battlefield V
  3. Super Mario Odyssey(NS)
  4. Super Mario Deluxe Switch(NS)
  5. Dragon Ball: FighterZ
  6. Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu
  7. Super Mario Party

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